bitumen sheet waterproofing price in India

According to its types, the bitumen sheet waterproofing has different prices and the installation cost calculate in terms of square meters.
Waterproofing membrane also has different prices according to its types. And each type uses in different places.
The cost of installing the bitumen sheet waterproofing calculate in terms of square meters. And of course considering that when insulation use, the waterproofing increase by 15 to 20 meters. The cost of it also with The amount of use According to its types, the bitumen sheet waterproofing has different prices and the installation cost calculate in terms of square meters.

bitumen sheet waterproofing is one of the most important cases for insulation which is used to prevent moisture penetration into any surface and place. The product also uses in many places where the surface of the roofs of the houses, or the floor and walls of ponds or pools are from samples It is. The bitumen used in the waterproofing can be of a pure type of refinery or furnace type.


Types bitumen sheet waterproofing

Based on the area and type of bitumen, the waterproofing is produced in three categories. The best-known of which is plastic membrane for temperate and tropical weather, and cold weather elastic polymer coating.

  •  Moderate and waterproofing (BPP polymer)
    In the production of this type of rubble, pure asphalt uses 60/70 refineries and also is superior in quality and more expensive.
  •  Moderate and tropical areas of waste (oxidized or blown bitumen) BOF
    It obtains by blowing the petrol (Mazut) and its durability is lower than the BPP insulation, and, hence, its price is cheaper.
  •  BPE cold weathering (elastic polymer coating)


Various uses of the waterproofing

It also is special for cold weather. And it is made with high durability and flexibility.

Among the factors influencing the price of a bitumen sheet waterproofing, we can mention the following points:

  •  Bitumen and climate fit
  •  The number of layers of insulation (single layer or double layer) of single layer insulation is cheaper than two-layer insulation.
  •  The number of times the implementation of the rubble
  •  Standard and insurant insurance
  •  Coated or uncoated insulation
  •  The coefficient of overlap of the insulating bit (the size of the edges of the insulation)
  •  The quality of the wool yarn of glass and polyester
  •  Geometric shape of the surface and coefficient of insulation and esc


The abovementioned factors are some of the factors affecting the price of the bitumen sheet waterproofing. And other elements also affect the price of the waterproofing produced in factories and companies, as well as the cost of the finished product after installation and operation, including the size and the difficulty of the project was pointed out at the end.

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