Waterproofing membrane manufacturers in turkey

In this article, we will introduce you to the various types of Waterproofing membrane manufacturers. You can use the following information as well as your use of the rubble to use any rubble you want and take advantage of it.

Waterproofing membrane manufacturers

Bitumen wterproofing membrane

The waterproofing membrane has been operating for over a number of years. And is producing 100% refractory products and using high quality raw materials to produce a variety of moisture insulation. The factory establish to produce moisture insulators and various types of industrial bitumen.
And also the factory has a variety of products and the quality of waterproofing is guaranteed. And standardized and distributed and distributed throughout the country.
The factory is widely developing a variety of moisture insulins.

Waterproofing membrane manufacturers

Various types of Waterproofing membrane manufacturers

The rubble is divided into several types based on the type of fabrication, the material, the type of coating, etc…. , which are constructed in proportion to the type of use it is made of. For example, the type of insulating rubber used in the engine battery. Types of rubble can have a lot of impact on the price of the rubble and the cost of installing the rubble.

Definition of ruberoid

The insignia is the name of the trade for the species from the anti-foam insulation to cover the roof of the roofs, the floor of the pools, inside the equipment, etc… .Also covering the area, the coatings will increase the life of the building and will also prevent large costs from entering the structure of the building.
Types of rubble according to the type of materials they manufacture.

Waterproofing membrane manufacturers

Types of rubble

The types of Waterproofing membrane manufacturers according to the type of their materials divide into two types:

Polymeric rubbers

About 60 to 70 percent of bitumen use in these types of rubble. To make this kind of bitumen rubble, oil and several types of petrochemical products mix together and then put these mixtures in the factory as a rubble. Among other materials use in this type of insulation, it can note that the polyester, aluminum and tin layer. All of which can be combined with a solid layer that prevents the penetration of any oil and water. .

 Blown rubble

The main material for making this type of Waterproofing membrane manufacturers is. These types of insulating rubbers are made of blowing air into a grinder or petrol furnace, which is why these types of insulating rubbers are blown rubbers. This type of insulation is less resistant to polymeric rubbish than that, which makes it more penetrating and less resistant to water and oil.

The rubble according to the layers used in them are also divided into several categories:

 Single layer laminate

These types of polyester yarns are stitched with low thickness and high flexibility, this ruber is used more internally.

layer two-layer insulation

In the construction of this type of insulation, in addition to the materials used in the single-layer lining of the tile. It is also used to cause thickening and high strength of the rubble.

Types of rubble based on the coatings used in the rubble
They also categorize the rubble based on the coatings used in each of them in its own places.

Aluminum coated rubble

In this type of insulating rubbers, as their name suggests, aluminum use, this type of insulation is most suitable for places expose to intense sunlight, for example, from roofing inscriptions.

 Aluminum bezel

These types of insulating materials don’t use. Because they do not have a suitable coating for places exposed to intense sunlight. But more often than not, they are often use in treads, trowel insulation, flooring, and so on.

The final conclusion

The factory has various brands and polymer production, and mainly use for various projects. They have a valid warranty and insurance policy.
The factory also has a variety of products, and with the major production. And customization of many types of moisture insulation not only known in the domestic market, but also as an export product.

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